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Anita King

A performer and internationally renowned teacher, Anita King's work centers on the connections between coordinate movement and musical structure.


She currently presents online courses as a faculty member of The Exhale Mastercourse, an international forum on musicians' health and well-being.

What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body
April 11 - 15, 2022
This course offers an in-depth introduction to the somatic method of "Body Mapping," our self-representation of our body in our brain. In addition to preventing and resolving performance-related injuries or limitations by correcting faults in our body map, musicians will discover how well-coordinated movement increases both ease and control in playing, greatly enhances and expands artistic choices, and helps lessen and even eliminate any negative effects from performance anxiety. In the end, our movement and expressive possibilities will be limitless and our playing a continual source of joy, freedom, and renewal.

Upcoming Courses


Piano Keys

"A fascinating workshop, the consequences of which have been quite extraordinary: the pain in my neck has virtually disappeared..."

— Patrick Ayrton, Harpsichordist and Conductor

Marrying Our Movement to the Music
4 sessions
This intensive course explores the integration of artistic interpretation and movement, with the ultimate goal of having the principles that govern coordinate movement mirror the organization of the music itself.

Recent Courses

Exploring the Virtuous Circle: The Joyful Process of Marrying Our Movement to the Music We Perform
2 sessions
This course explores the parallel organization of coordinate movement and musical structure to show how interpretative choices can be translated directly into movement, resulting in a completely embodied performance.
The Embodied Musician
2 sessions
This short course explores essential aspects of the process of becoming fully embodied musicians, including an expanded body awareness and the multiple roles of legs in practice and performance.
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