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New Course

What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body

April 11 - 15, 2022

In this 5-session course, pianist Anita King will offer an in-depth introduction to

the somatic method of “Body Mapping.” Our body map is our self-representation,

our personal idea of our body in our brain. Body Mapping teaches us to move in

relation to accurate anatomical information about the body in motion. It awakens

and enhances self-perception through our tactile and kinesthetic senses, and

expands our attention to include our performance space and its contents. In

addition to preventing and resolving performance-related injuries or limitations by

correcting faults in our body map, musicians will discover how well-coordinated

movement increases both ease and control in playing, greatly enhances and

expands artistic choices, and helps lessen and even eliminate any negative effects

from performance anxiety. In the end, our movement and expressive possibilities

will be limitless and our playing a continual source of joy, freedom, and renewal.


Each 90-minute session will be recorded and available to registrants who may

have a time conflict with the live events.


The course is highly interactive, combining presentation, performance of illustrative excerpts at the piano, and movement activities and explorations by the participants.

NOTE: The course will be taught in relation to playing the piano. However, the information and movement principles learned can be applied to any performance medium so any musician interested in Body Mapping and improving overall coordination is welcome to join.


To view detailed session descriptions and registration information, click below.

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