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The Embodied Musician
2 sessions


These two, linked sessions, explore essential aspects of the process of becoming fully embodied musicians.

Session 1: Turning Up the "Volume" on Our Senses

The path to becoming a fully-embodied performer begins with enhancing our awareness of self in relation to the environment in which we practice and perform. 


In this session, I will guide you to a condition of expanded and continuously-shifting awareness that allows your music making to be informed by the sensations of your body in movement. In addition, you will gain a clear perception of your instrument and what is needed to play it, an active relationship with any other physical objects in your environment (the floor, chair, or prop), and a clear perception of your performance space and everything else in it (including your audience!). 


Topics include:


  • Awakening and enhancing your tactile and kinesthetic senses, the two senses most important for coordinate movement

  • Claiming a big space for your performance in order to increase your movement choices and expand and clarify your artistic choices as well 

  • Learning to perceive and cultivate “micromovements” in relation to the large range of movements available to us in any moment


Session 2: All About Legs!


Starting with the premise that performing music is a whole-body activity in every moment, this session will explore the multiple roles of legs in practice and performance. 


Topics include:


  • The leg-torso relationship

  • Coordinating the joints of the legs: a chamber music trio (or sextet!)

  • Thinking like a quadruped: how arms and legs relate in every moment

  • Our legs as first responders to musical impulses

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